So we have ISIS terrorists beheading people all over the world, and in my last post, I mentioned the possibility of secondary explosions in addition to terror events. Now, ebola.

Ebola is spreading internationally, and there is little that we can do about it. The guy from Liberia who turned up in Dallas apparently told a coworker that he though he had contracted ebola, and knew that if he remained in Africa, he would die. So he boarded a plane for Dallas.

It is rightfully assumed that anyone with means who thinks that they have been exposed to ebola would seek treatment in the United States. Look at the stats – thousands are dying in Africa, and the few that have been flown back here for treatment are alive. So, where would you go?

The problem is that people with the ebola virus will come in contact with public safety personnel sometime in their travels, and the possibility of a sick traveler transferring the disease to a compassionate public service worker – police, EMS, TSA, or others – is very high.

So educate yourselves in the signs and symptoms. Be careful when coming in contact with anyone. And it’s okay to be a little afraid.

It’s 1983 all over again. AIDS…

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